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Lotus Evija – World’s First British Electric Hypercar

Lotus has revealed further details on their new Evija all-electric hypercar in a stunning new film featuring an engineering development vehicle testing on the 2.2-mile track at Hethel. At the wheel is Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes for Lotus, who provides extensive new commentary on key elements of the Evija project. In the video, Kershaw reveals how from the […]

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3 Hot Niche Markets to Focus Your Efforts On

Are you a fan of niche marketing? If you’ve done anything in terms of content creation or marketing as a blogger, an affiliate marketer or any type of lead generation or ad copy, then you likely are already a BIG fan of it! The concept of niche marketing is quite simple. Instead of going after a large marketing like “investing”, […]

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You Don’t Need #Ad in Sponsored Content

Traditional advertising just isn’t as effective as it once was, nor can it offer the same level of granular analytics and optimization that newer forms of digital advertising can provide. It should as little surprise that influencer marketing has completely changed the game, and we’ve got the numbers to back it up. And while it may have once been the […]

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